Bulls For Sale CERTIFIED For All

The Jaynes Gang certifies 100% of their bull calves in the Exclusive Genetics Bucking Bull Games program. The Bucking Bull Games are the highest paying bucking bull competitions which are several events held exclusively for a limited number of bulls certified to compete at these private events. These events are held at incredible and fun venues like the Academy of Country Music’s Party For A Cause Festival and the Cowboy Market Place at the National Finals Rodeo. The Bucking Bull Games World Championship is an annual event where over ONE MILLION DOLLARS is paid out to the owners of the best bucking bulls that year, and $500,000 is paid to the champion two year old bull each year. It’s obvious why The Jaynes Gang focuses on EG certified bulls. The reason is that The Bucking Bull Games are by far, the largest paying events in the industry. The Jaynes Gang has trained bulls that have won over 5 Million Dollars. There is no other bucking bull trainer close to this amount, and the big reason is because of The Jaynes Gang’s continued focus of EG’s Bucking Bull Games Events.

The Jaynes Gang raises approximately 100 bulls certified for EG’s Bucking Bull Games every year and sells them to private individuals. The Jaynes Gang provides everything a bucking bull investor / enthusiasts needs to get in on the game and try to win big by being a bucking bull owner. The Jaynes Gang offers two ways for an investor to buy in:

Exclusive Genetics, the Jaynes Gang, and Billy Jaynes are in no way affiliated with the PBR